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Psychodynamic Therapy began with the psychoanalytic tradition first developed by Freud, Jung, Adler and Sullivan. It has a rich clinical background and in the last 25 years has developed a strong research basis.

As in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the relationship with the therapist is a central component of the therapy in Psychodynamic Therapy.

The therapist and patient work together to understand the emotions and core relationship themes of the person as they are expressed in current and past relationships.

By noticing, understanding, interpreting and then re-evaluating these patterns, people develop deep, often lasting change in the way they see themselves and others. For example, depressed persons sometimes believe, at a partly unconscious level, that they do not deserve to be happy like others, or that they will be treated as unworthy by others. Understanding the origins and ways that these patterns are repeated provides insight that can make change possible.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a form of therapy that is based on the connection between thoughts, behavior and emotions.  The “cognitive” part of CBT assumes that certain thinking patterns are more likely to lead to anxiety, depression and many other emotional difficulties.

By learning to recognize these thought patterns in yourself, and how to change them, you will be able to change negative emotional states.

The “behavior” part of CBT seeks to change what you do (behavior patterns) that create or maintain emotional problems.

CBT involves a certain kind of therapy relationship that emphasizes the partnership between therapist and patient.

You will help to decide the goals and how they will be achieved. You will also work actively on your problems, including doing tasks between sessions.

CBT is fairly structured and focused. Patients often come to therapy feeling that they do not know where to start.  CBT gives them a clear direction.

CBT is often shorter than other forms of therapy (12 to 24 weeks).